idea of
Band at Hand
is simple: distance
shouldn’t kill the fun.
Musicians should be able
to play, rehearse and perform –
no matter how far avay they are.
Band At Hand
How it works?

So here’s how it all works. You switch on the device and register there using your existing Facebook or email account.

The device displays other users sorted by their names and/or the instruments they play. Now you can start a band and invite any registered Band at Hand users to it. When all of you are ready, start playing music!

Band at Hand offers two working modes: rehearsal and concert. Both modes allow live recording of music, so everything the group plays automatically saves to a remote file. After that the file is accessible from any computer under your account. And one-click publishing allows you to share songs and live concert records with the entire world.
The rehearsal mode

The rehearsal mode is for practicing. Musicians hear and see each other with minimum latency that allows them to play comfortably and record quality tracks.

The concert mode

The concert mode allows live broadcasting of the performance to the Internet. Any user can see the show at or in the mobile Band at Hand app. The audience can see the musicians perform live and hear the combined sound of their instruments. They also can Like the show, or leave comments. The performers, at the same time, can see the overall number of spectators and their reaction including artificially added claps, whistles and hubbub.

Band at Hand comes with
the built in
crowdfunding system.
Spectators can support the band they like with a donation. The funds can be withdrawn via PayPal minus the royalty of the band organizer.
How it works?