Band At Hand
About the project

Band at Hand is an audio-video add-on which connects to the internet to provide a simple and effortless way for musicians to rehearse on-line without physically getting together.

The device ensures real-time sound and video footage and allows musicians to hear and see each other just as if they were rehearsing in the same room.

For a music group renting a space, transporting the backline and crossing miles to rehearse are real obstacles to success. Alternatively, with Band at Hand they merely need a broadband Internet connection. Each musician connects Band at Hand to the Internet where he or she is now, then invites other players and… rocks!

Thanks to the in-house developed LLPP (Low Latency Packet Protocol) technology, the sound remains synchronous, and the latency stays beyond the recognizable level so the rehearsal is comfortable for all players. And when the group is ready to conquer the world, Band at Hand allows the running of a full-scale online audio-video show with thousands of spectators online! Plus, Band at Hand allows musicians to see if people like what they play in real time.

About the project