Deliver Music.
From Anywhere
Geography doesn’t play first fiddle now. A small device can connect you and your band just like playing in the same garage. Plug in guitars, microphones, synthesizers, headphones, amplifiers and other instruments to Band at Hand and start rocking! Feel the great sound and watch band members live on a built-in display. Band at Hand is ideal for remote rehearsals. And when it’s time to amaze the public it delivers perfectly for online concerts, too.
New York
Band Together.
Even When You Are Far Apart
Take a bus, cross the city and possibly lose a few hours just to get together and go through a rehearsal. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? With Band at Hand you don’t need to get together to band together! Easily find partners, make a connection and… enjoy! This audio-video add-on connects to the internet and allows up to 4 musicians to rehearse together. Band at Hand give you clearly hearing low-latency sound and watching each other on the screen. With minimum setup and easy operation, Band at Hand is a stunning alternative to rehearsals in a studio.
Performances in a Snap
Think you are ready for the big stage? Then go! No need to find an agent or transport the backline, no need for extra money. In fact, you don’t even need a stage. Band at Hand is all of that and more. It allows your group to give a live show to thousands of spectators online without physically getting together. Now people can see your real-time concert broadcast
from any computer or mobile device. And you can see the reaction of the audience, of course! Just like at a real show. You can enjoy not only likes and views, but also graphical emoticons, and hear claps and whistles inserted into the concert sound. And it is you who decides whether the tickets are free or not.